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Mission Statement


To provide Education, Training and Resources, to both professionals and civilians, in order to protect and preserve human life.

Our Philosophy

We believe that both gear and training are for everyone, and should not be limited to any profession or group of people. We also believe in the true intended purpose of the second amendment, which is to guarantee the civilian populace the RIGHT to bear arms and organize in order to preserve inalienable rights from tyranny both foreign and domestic.

Jeremy - Founder

A Marine Corps veteran, now in the Fire/EMS service, and the founder of ECT.


Instructor: Firearms & Medical


Instagram: @Jeremy_ECT_IG 

Rick - Instructor

A Firefighter/Paramedic (now retired) with +25 years of experience in the EMS field.


Instructor: Medical


Instagram: N/A

Trey - Instructor

A Marine Corps Veteran, experienced firearms instructor & USPSA Master competition shooter.


Instructor: Firearms


Instagram: @tcward_shooting

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