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An Overview of Preparedness

What once was a standard way of living for the generations that came before us, has slowly been forgotten through modern times. A society that has known plentifulness and security has forgotten about the realities of the world we live in. Through politics, logistics, war, and so on, that blanket of comfort has started to deteriorate. Our own food is no longer "healthy", as it's filled with harmful ingredients and chemicals, our national infrastructure slowly crumbles as the supply chain continues to fall behind, and our communities grow ever more dangerous from both political and criminal violence. More people are waking up to this reality more and more everyday. 

At Everyday Citizens Tactical, we are here to promote a self sufficient way of life. While it is not possible to be 100% independent from the system, we do believe we can increase our quality of life and sustainment during an emergency and everyday life through preparedness. These resources will serve as a library of information to help guide others on their path to preparedness. 
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