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The Modern Minuteman





The Modern Minuteman is a resurgence of what use to be. In pre and post American Revolution times, the minutemen were members of a community ready to be called upon at a minutes notice. This concept is even more important today. As times become tougher, we must be able to rely and stand with our communities as one.

But what do the minutemen do? Well, depending on your group size and capabilities, there aren’t any limits to what you can do! Whether that is helping local communities in times of natural disaster, responding with appropriate assistance to a Mass Casualty Incident, or defending liberty and freedom from tyrannical powers both foreign and domestic.


Do I have to be a Veteran or First Responder to be a Minuteman?


Though all of these positions could be minutemen, the minutemen are made up of EVERYONE from the community from all walks of life. The majority of your community will be everyday citizens. These are the individuals who must step forward to learn, train and prepare.

Where do I learn the skills to be a Minuteman?


You can learn a wide variety of skills from a multitude of people. If someone in your minutemen group works in EMS, you now have someone to teach medical lessons. If you have a veteran in the group, they may be able to teach you some basic firearms handling and team/squad tactics. If you have a tow trucker driver, you now have someone to instruct on recovering vehicles in inclement weather.

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