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The Enhanced ARS™ features an improved needle tip design with “scalpel” sharp, bi-bevel, tapered needle tip, which improves penetration control through tissue of varied type and thickness.


The new fenestrated catheter delivers statistically significant improvement for tension relief and the prevention of distal catheter occlusion when compared to traditional non-fenestrated catheters. The three fenestrations, combined with the catheter tip, deliver four paths for air to escape.


This exponentially decreases the potential for blockage that would interfere with airflow. During investigative research, fenestrated catheters were additionally shown to offer faster pressure relief and succeed when non-fenestrated catheters failed.


Centimeter graduated catheter for safer placement utilizing “thoracic depth control”. Evidence and anecdotal experiences continue to strongly suggest the need for insertion CONTROL with needle decompression.


Learning Point: Average depth from exterior of targeted RIB to parietal pleura is 0.5 - 1 cm. Centimeter markings allow for PRECISE placement just beyond the parietal pleura AND help clinicians PREVENT OVER INSERTION!

Enhanced ARS Needle Decompression (14ga x 3.25")

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