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The JHT NVG Retention Lanyard was designed as a universal helmet mounted solution to retain positive stability and retention for your night vision devices. The NVG retention lanyard is different from most on the market as it is made of Thermoplastic Tegris for rigidity with hook and loop Velcro. This allows the unit to be low profile and functional. The 2” by 3” loop field on top allows the user to mount strobes or additional accessories such as battery or chem light storage. There are 2 bungee lanyards for the user to choose from. The first is a 46” length bungee cord with lock. This allows the user to loop the cord around their device and secure it. The second included option is (2) 20” bungee cord with attached aluminum carabiners with ring to directly connect to your NVG device.


*We recommend you test your setup prior to use as hook and loop retention are not as secure as bolt on setups, however they are secure enough for most situations.


Made in the USA and backed by our Lifetime Warranty.



  • Provide stability and retention for helmet mounted night vision devices
  • Adds tension to reduce mount and arm wobble in NVGs
  • Securely retains night vision devices in case of accidental release or mount failure
  • Tegris® Thermoplastic backer for rigidity
  • 2″ x 3″ Loop Velcro loop field for strobes or accessories
  • One set of Adjustable 46″ bungee cord with cord lock
  • One Set of (2) bungees 20” cord with Mini aluminum carabiners w/ rings
  • Bungees are easily reconfigured for user preference


Everyday Citizens Tactical is an official dealer for HRT Tactical. Products may not always be kept in stock and comes directly from HRT. To avoid any inconviences, please message us for confirmation before placing your order to see if the item is in stock.

JHT NVG Retention Lanyard

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