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The Motorola XTS5000 Model III is a digital radio utilizing P25, capable of various functions & multiple encryption methods. All radios & batteries have been tested to ensure functionality. 


Frequency Band: VHF (136Mhz-174Mhz), UHF1 (380Mhz-470Mhz) or UHF2 (450Mhz-520Mhz)

Max Power Output: 5 Watts

Primary Encryption: AES256

Channel Spacing: 12.5 / 25khz


This package comes with upgraded firmware, codeplug 5A0001-001787-4, (10) Zones with (16) channels a zone and (8) preloaded AES256 Encryption Keys. See disclaimer for availability status. It also includes the following:

(1) XTS5000 Model III

(1) Lithium Ion Battery 

(1) Motorola Antenna

(1) Motorola Charging Station

(1) Beginners Guide

  • VHF radios will come programmed with MURS 1-5 & NOAA 1-7
  • UHF radios will come programmed with GMRS/FRS 1-22


If (2) or more radios are purchased, buyers are eligable for custom encryption specific to their order. Future buyers may also recieve the same encryption (which will be associated to the first buyers name) after the relation between parties is confirmed by our team. 


WARNING: By purchasing this product, the user accepts that Everyday Citizens Tactical is not responsible for wrongful or illegal use of this radio. Users are encourged to comply with propper guidance and regulations on use of these radios, to inculde the use of encryption.



  • Radios come with their original housing unit and have no structural integrity concerns, but may have minor signs of wear (such as scruffs). 
  • By purchasing this product, the buyer has made the educated decision to purchase this radio and has verified they have selected the correct frequency band. We do not accept "Remorse" cancellations or returns once purchased. The buyer may return this product if it arrives damaged and is no longer functional.  Buyers have (5) days from delivery to report any damage to package contents due to shipping & handling. 
  • Radios ordered will be "made to order" and buyers can expect on average a 3-4 week lead time to fulfill. This will very depending on availability and order size. UHF1 radios normally require more time to aquire. Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are recieved. 

Motorola - XTS5000

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